Who We Are

Valley City Electronic Recycling is dedicated to safe, secure and sustainable domestic recycling and reuse of electronics, medical and industrial equipment. We provide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services to recover value from our customers’ unused assets. For any non-working and other unusable electronics, we offer manual and automated processing to disassemble IT assets in order to achieve a cleaner separation of materials and additional resource recovery value.

Why Valley City Electronic Recycling?

Valley City Electronic Recycling works closely with each customer to understand their data security needs and ensure compliance with the requirements of their industry. Our customers include health care and insurance providers requiring HIPPA compliance, Tier 1 OEM suppliers, manufacturers requiring ISO documentation, and banking and financial institutions with Gramm-Leach-Bliley rules. We offer onsite, recorded and customer-witnessed hard drive shredding in order to securely destroy sensitive data, as well as secure erasure using Department-of-Defense-approved wipe patterns to ensure your data is completely erased and unrecoverable. Through our ITAD services, we capture the value in your recovered assets for you.


We strive to be the premier IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and electronic recycler in Michigan utilizing industry best practices in an ecologically-responsible manner.


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• Community
• Environmentally Responsible
• Equality
• Integrity

Our Process

Adhering to our zero landfill policy, we are committed to industry best practices for electronic recycling in order to recoup maximum commodity value and a cleaner separation of the products we recover and accept into our facility. This includes electronics and IT assets that contain toxic heavy metals, such as lead used on circuit boards, as well as mercury, cadmium and chromium, and flame retardant chemicals present in plastic housings.

Valley City Electronic Recycling provides IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services where each device is thoroughly tested, has all sensitive data removed using Department-of-Defense-approved wipe patterns and has all previous associated ownership information removed. This process allows items to be resold – while recovering the value for our customers and assuring that no data or previous owner information remains.

Our industry standard provides a lower carbon footprint not only for us, but for our valued customers.