How we give back … we make a difference.

Sustainability is at the core of our operations at Valley City Electronic Recycling. The technologies we developed and employ to ensure a complete separation of the electronics brought to us provide us and our customers with a smaller carbon footprint. We believe it is part of our mission to be a good steward of our environment and in turn a responsible corporate citizen and community member. We are the answer in Michigan to what is currently one of the fastest growing waste streams globally.

To help us in our efforts, and in turn provide valuable work experience to local Grand Valley State University students, we offer internships focused on our separation technology processes. Currently, we host between 4-6 interns with backgrounds in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and business.

Valley City also makes a difference by employing those who some might believe are unemployable. When a man from Alternative Directions stopped by the offices of Valley City looking for work, Jason Kehr, owner, hired him on the spot. The man explained that part of Alternative Directions’ program is pounding the pavement every day, all day, to find a job.

“I thought, how difficult to cold call a potential employer and then the conversation promptly ending when the company finds out he has a record,” said Jason Kehr, owner of Valley City.

Valley City ended up hiring several men from Alternative Directions and has since reached out to Hope Network and hires from them as well. The company believes the greatest value is giving people a chance and watching them grow. The challenge is training them in basic work skills like showing up on-time and calling-in when sick. However, Valley City has experienced a stable work force and most hires are responsible workers, hungry to learn and contribute.