Electronic Recycling

Valley City Electronic Recycling is committed to a zero landfill policy for all regulated materials, while providing safe, secure and sustainable electronic recycling in order to maximize the commodity value for recovered metals, plastics, glass and circuit boards. During our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process, our specialists document and secure control of downstream vendors, providing our customers with the added assurance that disassembled IT assets are properly managed. See what IT assets and electronic equipment we accept, here.

Our trained staff disassembles and sorts IT assets into recoverable categories of commodities ready to be turned back into the raw materials needed by manufacturers. Recovered materials, include: Plastics that are used to make new covers and cases, metals used in many new products, and recovered CRT glass used to make new products or recover lead.

Medical Electronic Recycling

Valley City Electronic Recycling helps hospitals and health care systems meet their sustainability goals by accepting used laboratory and medical equipment for resale or recycling.

Medical equipment often requires specific handling instructions and specialized reporting. We work directly with the manufacturers and end users to responsibly manage retired medical equipment and related IT assets to their specifications. Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) system streamlines the process of asset transportation, asset tracking and asset recycling or asset disposition in a safe and secure manner.

Industrial Electronic Recycling

From transportation services to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and asset management, Valley City Electronic Recycling is able to take heavy, cumbersome industrial equipment off your hands and recycle it for you stress-free.

We responsibly recycle everything from forklifts and tractors to large shipping containers, manufacturing equipment, and printing presses. If your equipment is proprietary, we will provide certified destruction of your property.