Secure Data Elimination

Whether you require a “DOD wipe” or complete hard drive destruction, we provide certification of the process. We work with each customer to deliver the level of certainty you need to be compliant with your industry’s requirements and your company’s policies. As necessary, we can provide live or videotaped customer-witnessed destruction, whether we come to you or it is at our facility.

We work with health care and insurance providers for HIPPA compliance, Tier 1 OEM suppliers, manufacturers needing ISO documentation, banking and financial institutions with Gramm-Leach-Bliley requirements.

For equipment and or data containing devices where secure destruction is needed we provide onsite physical destruction and can arrange live or videotaped customer witnessed destruction.

  • Mobile, onsite physical destruction at your company
  • Customer witnessed destruction at our facility
  • Video documented destruction
  • Mobile Shredding learn more here