What we do…we make it simple

Valley City is a licensed Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler - ensuring best practice management of electronics recycling. Our end-of-life recycling services maximize resource recovery for older, unusable electronic equipment, and capture value from reusable equipment to reduce your overall electronic asset management costs.

Asset Management - provides the recording of asset information such as model, serial numbers and asset tag numbers,  along with secure elimination of electronic data and ownership identification, as well as the remarketing of those items to recover value for our customers.

Electronic Recycling - or e-waste recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials of waste electronics.

Secure Data Elimination – overwriting or wiping data per DOD specifications and/or physical shredding to ensure that proprietary or    confidential information cannot be recovered and stolen.

Logistics and Transportation Services - eliminates multiple parties handling equipment and ensures equipment is secure during transit.

Equipment Resale - provides an opportunity for retired but valuable equipment to be reused and ownership identification as well of those items to recover value for our customers.